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The Wallace High Precision Densimeter - X22B

High Precision Densimeter - X22B


  • Specific gravity resolution to the third decimal point
  • Stabilizes and displays result in seconds
  • Can also measure material with an SG of less than 1.00
  • Sample volume can be displayed

General Information

The Wallace High Precision Densimeter is a cost efficient inspection instrument, calculating an accurate measurement of specific gravity. With a scale capacity of up to 300g and specific gravity resolution to three decimal places. The X22B is ideal for the inspection of rubber, plastic, sintered metals, glass and ceramics, foods and other materials. Using the optional liquid measuring kit the specific gravity of a liquid can be determined.

The innovative design makes specific gravity measurement simple and results are displayed after an elapsed time which varies according to the mode selected. Zero and tare are set through touch button operation on the front panel. The angle accessory (supplied as standard) enables samples with an SG of less than 1, to be tested. Compensation for temperature and for fluids other than water can be set by the operator. A built-in accuracy check is a standard feature so that if sample weight is insufficient, the final digit will flash. A wind shield is provided to protect the instrument from draughts and dust during operation.

Also available: X21 C with resolution to four decimal places

Method of Operation

The precision balance supports both the water container and the sample test stand. To obtain density value, first weigh the dry sample on top of the test stand, then immerse the sample in the water container and weigh the submerged sample on the platform. The instrument then displays the computed specific gravity, and if required the sample volume.

Standard Accessories

Wind shield, tweezers, 200gm calibration weight, thermometer, stainless steel angle for measuring objects with an SG less than 1, AC power adaptor.

The Wallace High Precision Densimeter Specifications

See the table below for a run-down of this product's specifications.



190mm wide x 220mm deep x 170mm high

213mm wide x 319mm deep x 301mm high




Scale Capacity:



Electrical requirements:

110/120 VAC 50/60 Hz

110/120 VAC 50/60 Hz





PC data collection software, liquid measuring kit, glass water container.

Product range

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WAX22B Wallace High Precision Densimeter - WAX22B
WAX21C Wallace High Precision Densimeter - WAX21C


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