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X23 - Serial I/O Add-in for Excel

General Information

The X23 Serial I/O Add-in for Excel allows you to link your P14 Plastimeter, X21, X22 Densimeter or Hardness tester directly to your Excel worksheet for data collection. The software adds RS-232 serial data input functions to your Microsoft Excel workbook which allow data to flow in real time directly from your test instrument to a range of cells specified in your worksheet. You can now acquire, display and report test results using Excel instead of proprietary software.

This means you can freely alter the way your data is presented. No more cutting and pasting or manually keying data into your Excel spreadsheet. The Add-in works with any RS-232 capable instrument. Two versions are available single port (X23) and Four-port (X23/4).

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X23 Serial I/O Add-in for Excel - X23


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