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Specimen Preparation

Prepare and cut your test samples from rubber (and other materials) using our specimen cutting press and preparation equipment.

Digital Bench Thickness Gauge

The Wallace Digital Bench Thickness Gauge accurately measures the thickness of rubber and similar soft materials using a constant pressure foot. The gauge conforms to international test standards and is widely used when testing rubber for tensile strength and compression.

Download the Digital Bench Thickness Gauge datasheet

Rubber Specimen Preparation Equipment

Rubber Specimen Preparation Equipment

Specimen Preparation Equipment - Cutting Press, Cutting Dies, Thickness Gauge and Moulds.

Download the Specimen Cutting Press datasheet

Specimen Nicking Cutter

The purpose of the nicking cutter is to cut accurately, quickly and conveniently the nick required in tear test specifications.

Volumetric Specimen Cutter

The Wallace Specimen Cutter with its compact robust design allows the user to easily cut multiple volumetric samples for use with the P14 Plastimeter and O14 Ageing Oven.  The easy to operate circular motion of the handle, allows the cutting of consistent volumetric samples quickly and easily.

Download the Volumetric Specimen Cutter datasheet


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