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Laboratory and Ageing Ovens

Below you will find our range of world class aging chambers, simply follow the links for more information on each product.

Ageing Chamber O14-48 and O14-96

The Wallace Ageing Chamber, O14 ages rubber in accordance with international testing standards. In conjunction with the Rapid Plastimeter, it allows the user to determine the Plasticity Retention Index (PRI) of raw natural rubbers.

Download the O14 Ageing Chamber datasheet

O7E Multicell Ageing Oven

O7E Multi-Cell Ageing Oven

Accelerated ageing and heat resistance tests are designed to estimate the relative resistance of rubber to deterioration with the passage of time. The Wallace O7E Multi-Cell Ageing Chamber, allows samples to be aged in separate cells, preventing any contamination from adjacent samples through the migration of volatile substances.

Download the O7E Multi-Cell Ageing oven datasheet


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