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Rubber testing products

Wallace supply quality products to the rubber and plastic industry. We design and manufacture a wide range of instruments and test equipment which is used in over 60 countries worldwide.

Compression stress relaxation is being increasingly adopted by aerospace, automotive and construction industries to characterise elastomeric seals.

The Wallace High Precision Densimeter is a cost efficient inspection instrument, calculating an accurate measurement of specific gravity resolution to three decimal places.

Wallace flexing machines test specially moulded rubber samples for resistance to cracking by repeated flexing.

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Hardness tests (resistance to indentation) is one of the most widely measured properties used to characterise rubber. View our extensive range of hardness testers here.

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Wallace provides the full range of Shore and IRHD hardness testers to the rubber, polymer, plastics and scientific industries.
Our proven C-frame design provides rigidity for unrivalled stability and repeatability of results.
A selection of accessories complement our range.
Wallace has recently launched the upgraded version of the hardness tester range with greater accuracy, upgraded software and greater connectivity.
Productivity and simplicity go hand in hand
Our Hardness Testers are simple to operate with one-time set-up and simple one finger operation. Operation and daily verification of the instruments require minimal training.
Software allows for ease of data capture and analyses.
Accessories like the O-ring table and ability to use barcode scanners improve productivity.

As demonstrated by millions of measurements made annually on Wallace Hardness Testers, our instrument reliability is second to none.
Wallace Hardness Testers are designed to be low maintenance instruments, requiring a bi-annual or annual calibration and service, depending on usage. Daily verification routines are simple and provides confidence in consistent accuracy.
Wallace provides service and support through its agents and directly through our service helpline. (

“Doing the same thing over and over expecting the same result”. We have completed a Gage R&R study which gives system repeatability and reliability of 99%.

In its simplest form our instruments provide traceability by automatically recording items like date, time, instrument details and results which can be printed on a printer and stored physically .
Our latest software provides much more: Date time stamps, instrument identification, operator identification, user defined bespoke fields (e.g. part number, batch number), easy Y/N confirmation of readings, secure (non-changeable) database of results, easy download of data to excel or csv, analytics of trends

We realise that different customers have different needs. Our instruments are designed to favour stability, reliability and repeatability which some customers may perceive as inflexibility.
Our research shows that customers also favour these attributes but often need to do more.
A standard set of easily interchangeable sample tables provide for specific applications

Below you will find our range of world class aging chambers, simply follow the links for more information on each product.

All our other products.

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Rapid plasticity is one of the basic tests used in the natural rubber industry, and is the measurement of compression of a specimen of known thickness at a known temperature under a predetermined load for a known time.

Download the P14 Rapid Plastimeter datasheet

Prepare and cut your test samples from rubber (and other materials) using our specimen cutting press and preparation equipment.

The perfect choice of accurate and easy-to-operate instruments for all professionals involved in laboratory testing of natural, synthetic or compounded rubber.

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