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Wallace Data Collection Software


  • Reduces operator error when logging results
  • Flexible graphical facilities
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Data easily exported to word processors, spreadsheets and databases
  • Versatile printing facilities
  • Various analysis options   

System Requirements

  • An IBM Compatible 486 or better.
  • Windows 3.1, 95, 98 or 98 SE
  • Minimum of 4MB RAM & 3MB hard disk space using Windows 3.1 (8MB for Windows 95 or 98).
  • The program is distributed on a single 3.5" 1.4MB disk.
  • The Wallace DCS software is easy to operate, through a standard Windows interface, providing a flexible data control system. It has been designed for use with Wallace Cogenix Hardness Testers, H12, H14 and H17   

The Software Provides

  • User friendly Windows interface for advanced data control.
  • Ease of access to test parameters, such as Test Times and Type Password Protection Facility.
  • Settable Gate Limits.
  • Report and Notes sections.
  • Storage of instrument parameters.
  • Use of Methods for commonly repeated samples.
  • Calibration and service reminder.  

Data Collection

Data may be collected quickly and simply at the touch of a button. Every result is placed into a grid, along with further details if required (e.g. sample identification and operator). Further information relating to the test and sample may be added (e.g. order, batch and manufacture details). The test conditions, such as the date and time are stored automatically.

The results, along with any other information may be easily stored, retrieved and printed.

Graphical Facility

The graphical facility provides a flexible tool in which to plot some or all of your data. The easy to use format allows you to change the type of graph as well as the scale and the analysis used (e.g. mean, standard deviation).

Printing Facility

A report can be generated at the touch of a button, with as much or as little detail as required, including order, batch, manufacture and sample details, company and customer details, collection, instrument and page layout details. A graph of the data may also be included.


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